On a windy day, with my phone to my ear, the idea came to me to create a sort of “wind blocker”. The person I was speaking to was having trouble with the huge amount of noise interference from the wind, and asked if there was anything I could do about it. I couldn’t simply go indoors – I was in the middle of an open field. “I’ll call you back later,” I said.

Back at home, I found a clip and a piece of foam and used them to cover the microphone of my mobile phone. I went outside and called the woman in question back. She thought I was calling her from indoors as she could no longer hear any wind interference, but my voice was still completely clear.

After about a year in development, a professional Windblocker – suitable for all telephones – was ready.

The Windblocker is ideal for many different target groups: cyclists, hikers, golfers who can pretend they’re in the office when answering the phone, water sports enthusiasts, convertible drivers (and passengers), the list goes on.

But the Windblocker is also perfect for capturing video: you can hear everything, apart from that annoying wind sound. For those who often make calls using their earphones, there’s the Windblocker Earphone – which also removes wind interference.

Hear everything – except the wind.